iForex Critiques Utilisateurs 2019

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  • 1.0
    Withdrawal is not credited
    Its not genuine
  • 1.0
    Me robaron con la manipulación de las tarifas, se los demostré y Héctor M. De iforex simplemente desapareció. No pierdas tu dinero. Son unos rateros.
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    FIRST OF ALL, YOU GUYS NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN'T MAKE PROFIT BY DEPOSITING 100$ AND TRADING UP TO 40,000 USING X400 leverage. the spread charges are okay but OVERNIGHT FINANCING or in other words ROLLOVER CHARGES are too high thus, your positions are exposed to high risk when left open for days. iforex is just making people deposit money and lose on the same day. keep in mind that 50$ of your 100$ first deposit goes to the person who contacts you in the first place so they will do anything to convince you to deposit to take your money. if you wanna be a good trader and benefit from this market then, trade without leverage and without being exposed to overnight financing and very importantly, dont trade with all the instruments instead, choose a few that you are well informed about and trade with them.
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    Withdrawels & bad service level
    IForex service level is really bad, they don’t answer the phone, email. Only for new clients to get money on their account! If you do a withdrawals, proces takes long. At this moment they still have to pay me money. I think they don’t have cash ready for their clients. What they do with withdrawals they split your full withdrawal in two and theypay half, and the other half you can wait...wait....wait.
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    Bad Service and Not Proper Support
    As per their terms and conditions, EUR/USD spread is 2 pips but in my account its 3 pips. When I talked to my account manager Sandeep, he told 2 pips is for VIP customers who deposit >$1000. Its nowhere mentioned in terms if it's for VIP customer or normal customer is said to Sandeep. he told he has another customer to talk and cut my phone. Same is with USD/JPY pair. I Would suggest not to trade on iforex and instead give a try to forexjourney.com or forex4money.com.
  • 4.0
    Withdrawal Problems

    Withdrawing my money is proving to be a real problem. Despite submitting the required documentation a number of times I cannot get past the standard response of ‘You did not provide the required documentation’.

    No assistance received form either the account manager or the accounts department to complete the withdrawal.

    What is the use trading if you cannot withdraw your funds?

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    Gaining the faith of individuals by fraudulent conversation with there customers.

    Before depositing money with iforex i get call from iforex several times but after depositing money not a single call and mails are received and there employee tells me to purchase one commodity with wrong information.I think stay away from iforex if you want to save your money because iforex is monitored by ingenuine persons in starting if they give profits it doesnot means they are correct.This is starting to get more engaged with iforex and preparing for heavy losses.Iforex is running with fraudulent practices just to attract customer by giving heavy returns dreams and theft there money.Millions of personnels looking to join should stay away because this is a scam runs by unknown persons.

    Donot faith on saying of iforex employees because they are just thefting money of persons by giving wrong information.This is required to be banned and indian are required to be saved from such biggest scandal and loss of money.Indian government should take serious action to block the account of iforex so genuine indians can be saved from such scam.This can create a great panic for indians.

    In starting you will think you are gaining.But thats the only trailer they doesnot give anything to you.They are all liers I had joined iforex to gain knowledge of forex market as per highlighting at there site regarding 7 day trial.But no training is provided.On first day of joining iforex I lost my whole money in commodity purchased as per the instruction of the person who joined me.And in same day without any trading my account balance get zero.

    Now they are saying do such thing and that thing.

    I just like to save millions of persons from iforex.Please stay away otherwise you will also blame yourself like I am suffering.This is a scam create by the person working in iforex.

    Thereafter the person of iforex who is a lady give me offer to submit id's then we will give $100 for trading.I just ask her to give such thing in writing with the authorization of controlling officer they cut the call.Because donot have any faith on them what they are saying is correct or not.

    My last suggestion is that if you want to save your money donot get connected with iforex.Because it takes long time to earn money with genuine works and it get lost in single moment.

  • 1.0
    5. Hohe Hebel bis zu 1:400

    Hohe Profite durch Hebel möglich

  • 4.0
    Eine der besten webbasierten Plattformen

    Die angebotene webbasierte Trading Plattform ist eine der besten

    Jaime N. Turner
  • 5.0
    Keine MT4 Trading Plattform

    Obwohl 3 unterschiedliche Plattformen angeboten werden fehlt die MT4!

    Kenneth E. Thomas
  • 5.0
    Schwacher Kunden-Service

    Trotz der vielen kostenlosen Telefonnummern ist es beinahe unmöglich den Kunden-Service telefonisch zu erreichen.

    Brian J. Beach
  • 5.0
    Leider kein Demo-Account

    Owohl ein Demokonto heutzutage schon beinahe Standard unter den Online-Brokern ist fehlt er hier.

    George J. Padilla
  • 4.0

    very good broker with training and costumer support team.

    michael sta.cruz
  • 4.0

    i had good experience with this broker

  • 4.0
    Good Broker

    got training when i deposited $100.

  • 3.0
    Petit, Christophe iForex Review
    I like that iForex is a dealing desk. I like 1:400 leverage but I would like to have had a demo account.
    Christophe Petit
  • 4.0
    Tito Troisi
    I like the bonus and the web based trading platform. I like to scalp and hedge and so it’s good that they allow these. However, the lack of a demo is not good.
    Tito Troisi

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