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Con Spiros
Good for automated trading in Java, Visual JForex and recently MQL4 in MT4

Dukascopy has a great platform and you can develop trading algorithms in Java, Visual JForex and more recently MQL4 on MT4. It's a good ECN broker. Dukascopy also e-mailed clients not to take any CHF trades on around 15 Jan 2015 and widened the spreads when the CHF was depegged from the EUR consequently causing many to have their accounts wiped out and even enter negative territory. Dukascopy did not pursue negative accounts as some brokers did and also did not suffer catastrophic losses as some brokers also did. Less 1 star for not too much help with the development of Java trading strategies via their Community Forum.

Neal Owen

Not FCA registered and it shows appalling service

Robert Thomas
Terrible broker

I can only think that the positive reviews are from InstaForex employees. 8 months now and my attempts to withdraw some of my money, bank card, bank transfer and solidtrust pay, all declined. Finance Department take at least 8-10 days to reply. Online chat is useless, phone call operators just tell you to try a different method of withdrawal. Good luck to you