PrimeXBT Critiques Utilisateurs 2021

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    Enjoying the platform
    I've been using the primeXBT platform for the past few months now. The UI is brilliant. 24/7 customer support have always been very helpful and dealt with any issues promptly. The Covesting feature looks very interesting, hoping to join once the beta has finished and the full launch commences. Investors will be able to benefit from any profit I potentially make and I will benefit from a share of their profits. Win/win Thanks guys
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    Great exchange, loving the Covesting copytrading module the most.
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    Fantastic all in one exchange
    I’ve been using the PrimeXBT since it launched and have run into very few problems. The platform offers a great range of tools that help you analyze different assets and execute trades. Their live 24/7 support team is amazing, their response times are super fast Really looking forward to the Covesting module launch on there. I have been participating in the closed beta and I am really impressed so far. I love the idea of being able to grow my bitcoin portfolio by following top traders and earning a passive income. Excited to see how the cov token will come into play 10/10 highly recommend
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    Completely New Level
    I trade with PrimeXBT for 7months now. Previously I traded Bitcoin with Bitfinex while trading FX and Cfds with FXpro. I always had to maintain at least 2 or three platforms to trade different markets, thats why PrimeXBT came as a surprise to me. Primexbt offers over 50 assets under one roof! You can easily deposit Bitcoin and use it as a collateral for margin trading. Its super efficient especially when you are a BTC believer as all Pnl is settled in BTC! You can easily withdraw in btc as well, so no hassle with banks, payments systems etc.. So from advantages: user-friendly platform, low fees and tight spreads, good variety of assets. I also like the security features they offer such as compulsory address whitelisting to make sure nobody can withdraw your bitcoin even if they manage to compromise your account! Disadvantages - I would like to have better iOS and android experience, sometimes performance is not ideal - possibly its because of my internet connection, I would also like to see more assets included. Maybe even stocks? Overall platform deserves to be considered as one of the top platforms to trade CFDs , FX, Crypto, Commodities in 2020. good luck in trading! Den
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    Nice Exchange
    Using for a while, excellent exchange
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    Great User Experience
    I have been trading on PrimeXBT for a long time. I like their UX interface. nothing distracts from trade. The great Order Execution Speed. Great liquidity. Would be happy to see the Covesting Module soon. All community is waiting :)

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